derby derby derby

If I’ve spoken to you any time in the last 5 months or so, you would have to know that I started training to play roller derby last year. Let’s face it, I don’t talk about much else most of the time!

We (Sun State Roller Girls) have had a break from training over Christmas/New Year, but we’re back at training now (as of Wednesday night). And OMG, how unfit am I after the break?? Let’s put it this way, I think every muscle in my body hurts!

Despite putting my life on the line over the break skating outdoors (hills, oh how I hate hills!) which resulted in awesome injuries like massive bruises, and this brilliant example of concrete burn, I have definitely lost a lot of the fitness from last year! Oh well, hopefully it won’t take as long to get back into the swing of things as it did when I first started.

It’s good to be back though, I really missed it over the break. Not just the exercise part, but the opportunity to get out and socialise with other people, and to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t call me Mum! (yes, school holidays are driving me a little insane!)

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