What to do when you have given yourself a few hours of free time

First, turn the music up loud! (this is usually the first step for most activities)

Download photos from camera.
Piss yourself laughing at some of them! For example:

Wednesday night, getting ready for derby training…
the conversation goes something like this…
me: I don’t think I have any photos of myself in my derby gear, maybe you should take one for me
R: sure
me: what on earth are you doing
R: taking photos
me: ok, I don’t think this is quite what I had in mind, but I guess it’ll do
… a few more photos later…
me: ok, there is no way some of these are ever going to see the light of day!

(the ones that won’t be uploaded include gems like me sneezing, me telling R she’s insane, etc etc) moral of the story – your teenager often has an interesting perspective on things!

Post a few other pics on Facebook

Look for your folder of music (songs, chords etc)
Fail to locate said folder due to house being in a complete state of chaos.
Decide to see what Google can find and print more

Chat to a friend for half an hour

Get sidetracked again by Facebook…
and then decide to write on the blog about it!

Hmm, got a bit over half an hour left, might trim my fingernails and tune that guitar!

Oh, and the difference between this and a ‘normal’ day is not feeling guilty about all the things you should have been doing instead!

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