Archives: January 2011

things I’ve learnt in the past six months…

Change is inevitable and necessary and not always bad.

Sometimes the right decision is also the hardest one to carry through.

I can do anything, if I just believe in myself.

Finding myself is an ongoing journey.

I am stronger than I realised.

Sometimes true strength means realising you can’t do it on your own and asking for and accepting help.

It’s hard to be honest with yourself when you’ve been denying the truth for a long time.

Sometimes it’s necessary and OK to cry.

It’s easy to say “it’s not my fault” but sometimes hard to really believe that. Accepting it brings peace of mind.

My kids are amazingly resilient.

There is always a choice.

Some days you just can’t carry through with what you had planned to do. And that’s OK. There’s usually other things that you will do instead that are equally important.

Breathing is really important!

Happiness is sometimes found in entirely unexpected places.