I am not the sum of my opinions…

Lee @ Mummy Issues Part 2 wants to know our opinions…
So being the entirely opinionated person I am, I figured I should join in on the fun! 😉

Labour or Liberal – generally vote Green or independent
Carbon tax – in principle, yes
Mining tax – sure
Uranium export – um, no thanks!
Asylum seekers/ Refugees – yes, give them a chance, otherwise we’re as bad as the place they’re running from
Climate change – can’t continue to be ignored
Wind farms – absolutely, although more solar energy would be better
Marriage equality – abso-freakin-lutely YES!!!
Abortion – I am pro-choice but it’s not a choice I could make for myself
Death penalty – No way
Organ donation – if I’ve got something useful after I’m dead, then sure, go for it
Contraception – yes, along with more education about using it
Controlled crying – no
Sleep training – no
Smacking – no
Swearing – I’m an expert
North or south of the river – apparently this is a Melbourne thing… but I’ll say south! 😛
Life after death – I think we all continue on somehow, just not sure of the specifics
God? – no way. If others want to believe it then that’s their thing, but don’t force it on me
Football code – haven’t watched football in years, but if I had to choose it would be AFL
Football team – bugger football, how about roller derby!
Netball or basketball – do I have to choose? cos I’d still prefer roller derby!!!

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    And I already knew all that 😛 lol

    • of course you already knew it, lol!

      don’t know about this “blogging again” bit, I never really blogged much in the first place!