I’m back!

It’s been at least a few months of being faded and jaded but you’ll be pleased to know that finally, I’m back!

Yes, the vivid, vibrant me that stands out in the crowd is re-emerging as we speak.

I do have some words of advice though for getting back into the bleach-and-colour mode…

Firstly, your hair does not like you when you melt it. *sigh*
Yep, if you discover that your bleach is too old and doesn’t work and then decide to re-do it the next day with new bleach, it’s a good idea to put less on the bits that are already more bleached from previous bleaching all those months ago. Or at least smear those bits in hair wax or Vaseline or something to protect them. Cos it all melts and dissolves and goes all weird otherwise! Never managed this one before, but there’s always a first for everything.
Totally talented, why yes, thank you, I am!

After that somewhat shaky start though, we’ve managed to do pretty well with the rest I think.
For the record, I didn’t melt my other half’s hair, for which she is very thankful!
And both colour schemes are looking pretty good so far… the real test will be when the dye gets washed out.

We did take some pics along the way, you just need to picture the giggles that accompanied each step and you’ll get a feel for the hilarity that ensues on dyeing days around here. Add in the teenage daughter telling us just how crazy we are and that’s pretty much it!

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