Moving forward

I just spent at least 5 minutes debating as to whether posting about being excited about my divorce is inappropriate…
I’ve decided that I don’t really care what everyone else thinks! I’m excited and I’m going to say so!

I’ve been looking forward to finally getting that bit of paperwork out of the way so that I can move on with the rest of my life…
So we showed up at the court building on a rainy grey Tuesday morning, I stood up in front of the registrar (bright green and yellow hair and all) for 2 minutes and walked out a free woman. Well that was easy!

Going through emails today I came across one from the Family Court confirming that indeed I did attend the court on Tuesday and informing me that:

“Your Application for Divorce has been heard and a divorce order has been made.

The divorce order will take effect one day and one month from when it was made. A copy of the order will be mailed to you, usually within two weeks of it taking effect.”

So I guess the party will be happening in a month or so!

On a serious note though, I’m thankful for new beginnings, closing the book on this particular chapter of my life and looking forward to all the tomorrows in the world.


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