I am…

not giving up.
nearly always late.
the one who gets out of bed.
better than that. growing every day.
a roller derby girl both on the track and off.
proud. not broken. passionate. loud. intense.
one step away from losing it. in control. still standing.
moving to the beat of my own drum. learning every day. optimistic.
intensely musical. willing to believe there’s good in everyone. tired.
taking it one moment at a time. alive. trying not to be judgemental.
vibrant. experiencing the extremes. never boring. unpredictable.
fiercely loyal. listening. standing still. a whirlwind inside.
screaming. rediscovering. a contradiction. unrepentant.
a survivor. colourful. uninhibited. overloaded.
sometimes selfish. not pretending any more.
eccentric. focussed. full of good intentions.
sensitive. strong. flexible. eclectic. bright.
cheeky. starting again over and over.
the queen of procrastination.
sometimes stretched thin.
running to stand still.
going out on a limb.
a coffee snob.

I am me.

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