Simple things

Thankful Thursday has rolled around again very quickly! Must have been a busy week.
And as usual, I’ve got far too many random things running around in my head, making it hard to work out exactly what I want to post about. So in the absence of the bigger issues that I’ll probably get around to mentioning eventually, here’s some of the really simple things that I’m thankful for that often get overlooked.

Laughter, love and smiles.
Random hugs.
Teasing teenagers (it goes both ways!)
Making people smile when you pass them on the street. (bright coloured hair is good for that)
Chocolate. Always thankful for chocolate!
Realising that people missed me when I wasn’t around.
The prospect of sunny days next week.
Options. There are always options even if most some of them suck.
Songs that get stuck in my head and drown out the voices… (does that sound slightly crazy?!)
Bed… snuggled up under the wool doona (probably the only good thing about winter!)

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