Stocktake… Aspie style

6.30am – alarm goes off. Hit snooze, place phone under pillow and go back to sleep

6.40am – alarm goes off again. Hit snooze again, but this time the other half wakes up too, remarking “aren’t you going to get up?” Damn, busted already! There goes that extra 10 minutes snooze!

Turn on coffee machine, shower quickly, open front door for teenage daughter returning home to babysit younger brothers while we go off to work at our annual stocktake job at the local variety store. Dress in many extra layers, it’s always freezing cold in there! Rush out door with coffee in hand and a banana each (see, breakfast!) thinking that it would be easier to eat said banana if not wearing gloves right now! 😐

Totally forget that the only place in town with longterm parking is at the train station, so have to do a graceful Uturn and go back around to the carpark! Rush in the door of the store draining the dregs of coffee and noting that the temperature inside seems at least 5 degrees colder than outside! Brrrrr! 😮

So as a team of two Aspies, with a lovely touch of OCD thrown in for good luck, we have a system all sorted out for how we manage our stocktake responsibilities. The other half has been doing the job for years (plus has neater handwriting than me) so has the writing responsibilities. I get to do the counting. Apparently that’s because I’m the one who’s good at maths. I’m not sure I totally get the reasoning there, but that’s OK! This was my second year on the job. Apparently we did such an awesome job last year that they assigned us to the same section again this year… I swear the same mugs, glasses, woks etc are still on the shelf from last time! Then again, maybe it’s new stock. That just happens to look the same! 😉

There are a few rules about how it has to be done.
If you make a mistake, you can’t change it, you have to cross it out and write it again.
You have to do each bin/section in numerical order.
The OCD kicks in to try to minimise the amount of writing, so it’s all about grouping the same things together before counting, especially when you have a stack of bowls that are two different prices mixed together. It really sucks to get to the bottom of the pile only to find there was one more of something you’ve already written on the sheet so you have to write a whole new line for that item! Or then there’s the random stuff you find that obviously isn’t meant to be where it is, but you still have to write it up anyway. Like bright pink crocs balanced carefully on top of a rack of boys trackpants… yep, exactly where you’d expect to find them! 😯

Once we finished with the wall of kitchen type stock, we got moved to the kids clothes section. Apparently it’s not as bad as the wall of mens undies… but after counting 197 boys singlets I’m not so sure about that one! :roll:

It’s a lot of fun though. There’s some weird satisfaction in a job well done and counting stuff over and over is kinda therapeutic. As is giggling at some of the totally random stock on the shelves!
So we’ll be back next year to do it all again. 🙂
Although there’s a big part of me that wishes that end of financial year was in summer not the middle of winter cos it would be much faster to count things without numb fingers in gloves!

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  • I totally agree that the end of stocktake leaves you feeling pretty good.
    Rhianna recently posted..Getting to Know Eamon Sullivan’s MumMy Profile

  • I wouldn’t have thought stocktake would have been very interesting but i was quite amused by your post. What a giggle. It never occured to me that people had to go that indepth with stocktake but I guess it makes sense.

  • Wow. That was so interesting. I like how you have divided up your roles according to aspie qualities and strengths.
    OMG I would HATE doing stocktake..I would be horribly annoying and distracting to my partner by talking.. I do that already when my hub is cooking toast according to his ‘countdown method’…aspect of aspie u reckon?
    I’m here from #Team Ibot and I thought that was one very good read. Cheers Denyse

  • I can’t think of anything worse than counting all that stuff. I’m not OCD but I do have slight tendencies, and just raring this has got me all twisted up!

    Thanks for linking. 🙂
    Jess@diaryofasahm recently posted..Time for a GiggleMy Profile

  • I used to work at KMart many years ago and loved to stocktake back in the days when the stores used to close for it. So much fun.
    Jayne recently posted..the best part of her dayMy Profile

  • My dad used to own a Tandy Electronics store. I HATED stocktake cause I always got stuck with the tiny electronic parts hanging on the wall in little packets.

    Methinks you would have enjoyed that. It was EXTREMELY orderly and the numbers went in sequence.