Things I know…

Today is Friday. All day! Sometimes remembering what day it is can be an achievement of mammoth proportions!

Today I am officially divorced. This is still a pretty exciting concept!

I may have a slight addiction to jeans. Usually I get my fix at op shops… yesterday I may have succumbed to a new pair. In my defence, it was a “buy one get the second pair half price” deal so I really helped save money. Honest!

Life is much much easier to deal with when you have a new modem/router that doesn’t go down on you all the time. (mind out of the gutter people, this time I’m keeping it clean… 😉 )

A car stereo that works (LOUD) is crucial to a positive state of mind. Especially when doing the school run with multiple children. And even more especially when driving to Brisbane and back in peak hour traffic…

Said car stereo doesn’t read mp3 files. Luckily I found that out on a short trip and had backup CDs in the car at the time!

If I don’t clean my desk soon, I’m probably going to drown in paperwork. If you don’t hear from me on a regular basis over the next week or so, please send search parties!

New jeans are really itchy if they haven’t been washed!

It’s really annoying when you can’t remember the code for the smilies you want to add to your post! :roll:

Some days I am totally unable to complete a task without getting distracted by at least ten other tasks that either I started doing previously (before I got distracted) or suddenly discovered need doing.

If you tell a teenage girl that you bought a new pair of jeans, her first response will of course be “I need a new pair of jeans” (make mental note to hide said jeans, because they’ll probably fit her!) (make second mental note to borrow her jeans if she actually gets around to buying some!)

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. But karma usually evens the score in time.

There are thirteen fairly useless things I know in this list. But it was fun writing it!

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  • My life is the same ….

    Some days I am totally unable to complete a task without getting distracted by at least ten other tasks that either I started doing previously (before I got distracted) or suddenly discovered need doing.

    , have been over to read Carmen’s post – it’s normal.
    Trish recently posted..Game on, the countdown has run downMy Profile

    • I think it was Carmen’s post that had that at the front of my mind when I was writing it last night! We both do it all the time! Glad to hear you’re just as normal as the rest of us Trish! xx

  • congraTS on divorce?

    and have a great weekend!
    kelli recently posted..I’m glad it is FridayMy Profile

    • Thanks Kelli 🙂
      You have a great weekend too! We’re off to photograph some rollerderby!

  • Go the loud stereo! Always creates a positive state of mind. I find that it even works on my kids in the car.
    Prue @Modern Nomads With Kids recently posted..The Day I Met Our Serial PestMy Profile

  • Thanks for the reminder that I need to clean up my desk! It’s in a shocking state at the moment.
    And congrats on ending one chapter. Here’s to new beginnings! 🙂
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – Featured Flogger: Catherine from Cup of Tea and a BlogMy Profile

    • When you’ve finished, would you like to come and clean mine Grace? Cos I’m really not sure I’m up to the task!
      New beginnings… they will be awesome I’m sure 🙂

  • Oh I so hear you about the paper work thing! We dont a desk as such, but i do have far too much of it stored in a cupboard 🙂
    And gee it would be nice to have a daughter to share jeans with ~ be the same size would be so cool 🙂 Imagine all the clothes you could wear (as long as she buys them!)
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Things I Know About HeadcoldsMy Profile

    • It is pretty awesome having a teenage daughter to share with! Now I just need to help her out with getting a part time job and then she’ll be able to afford all sorts of cool stuff! (although I think I might need to tone up a bit again, if it’s tight-fitting pants, I’m struggling to do up some of the things that fit her well!)

  • Ah, it sounds like you also suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Attention Deficit Disorder, common among champion multi-taskers! Congratulations on the divorce, I think?
    Kelly @ HT and T recently posted..Are we ruining our kids?My Profile

    • congratulations, yes, lol!
      I figured I had OCD and ADD, combining them to OCADD sounds like a plan to me!

  • You know a lot about jeans! Lol. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday 🙂

    • I blame CJ, she totally got me addicted to jeans and enables the addiction all too often!

  • Congratulations on the divorce! Must be a huge relief – I know mine was.

    I so hear you on the distractions and loud music in the car with kids. Sometimes I have to really crank it up before they shut up.

    And my desk is also drowning at the moment. In fact the whole house is drowning in half unpacked boxes…

    Thanks for linking up for Thing I Know 🙂
    Dorothy @ Singular Insanity recently posted..Things I know – Awesome Experiences and JudgeynessMy Profile