Wisdom from the back seat

Voices in the back seat were arguing about who should have had the newsletter and notes to bring home from school. A privilege that the school usually bestows on the youngest child. Master 6 was telling us about notes he had and Master 5 was insisting that he was the youngest (and most responsible!) Miss 10 piped up with the thought that perhaps they thought they were twins.
Master 5 remarked dryly that they don’t look anything like each other – he doesn’t have glasses!
Perhaps the blond hair/blue eyes vs dark brown hair/brown eyes bit didn’t occur to him! :roll:

Trying to convince us that they were going to be “good” so that they could watch a movie after dinner:
Mstr 6: I’ll do everything I tell me to do
Mstr 5: I’ll say everything you tell me to do
Mstr 6: I’ll do everything I say I should do
Mstr 5: No, you won’t do it!
Miss 10: I think they’re confused…
(for the record, no, the movie has been postponed until another day *sigh*)

Later in the evening chatting to big brother on the phone, all three ask what he’s doing right now… (answer must have been “what are you doing right now” because variations on “talking to you on the phone” ensued… )
Mstr 6 is told it’s Mstr 5’s turn now, but he ignores it and keeps talking.
Mstr 5 marches over, takes the mobile phone off Mstr 6 and starts talking whilst walking away again. Screeching begins from Mstr 6, Mstr 5 calmly turns around, tells him to be quiet and without skipping a beat, continues his conversation with his big brother on the phone saying “Sorry about that, that was L. It was my turn now. So, what have you been up to?”

There has been much singing of late – in the car, around the house, wherever. Many times specifically intended to annoy siblings. This gem from Mstr 5 tonight had us in stitches though:
“Sunshine, lollypops and… windows!”
I’m guessing perhaps he’s rejecting his father’s choice of Mac OS??

No matter how many times they make us want to pull our hair out in frustration, we are always thankful for the giggle inducing one-liners that emerge from the mouths of all eight of our offspring at all sorts of random moments!

Joining Kate @katesaysstuff for Thankful Thursday 🙂

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