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my work here is done!

For the second morning in a row, I’ve had to be up at some obscene hour of the morning! In fact, today was worse, because the alarm was set for 5.30am, which makes yesterday’s 6.30am seem almost reasonable!

Today I was dropping R and her friend M off at school (by 6.45am) so that they could catch the bus down to the Gold Coast to participate in the Opti-Minds Challenge. I have to say that considering what time they went to bed last night they did well!

Anyway, a random conversation between M and another team-mate J while we were all walking to the classroom to carry stuff to the the bus, struck me as funny…

J – oh, so that’s R’s mum!

M – yeah

me (curiously) – who did you think I was??

J – oh I’m not sure, just some random person

awesome! I look random! pmsl!

and later on, standing freezing near the bus…

J (looking first at R then at me) – yeah, you do look pretty similar now I think about it

me – well yeah, that would make sense, considering that I gave birth to her and everything 😉

J (to R) – you know I’m never going to be able to look at you the same way again after hearing that!

score one to me! Does that rate on the ‘most embarrassing things ever’ scale?? R didn’t seem too fazed by the conversation! Guess she’s gotten used to me by now! Maybe I’m going to have to try harder!

oh, and in a slightly related, but maybe not really, train of thought… what is it with all the packs of bike riders that are out and about between 6.30 – 7am on a Sunday morning? I mean seriously, it’s freakin’ cold people! I can’t believe that there’s so many of you who get up voluntarily at the crack of dawn! And seem to enjoy it!!

So now I’m here at 7.30am on a Sunday morning, wide awake (thanks to the second cup of coffee that is warming up my fingers right now) so I can’t even go back to bed! Guess I’m going to have to do something useful!!

random thoughts

I don’t actually remember taking this photo, but I found it on my camera and thought it was cute. It’s amazing the fun you can have with your school bag!

As you can see in the background, there’s still random stuff all over the rumpus room (which is now my ‘shop’ area, or at least it will be when it’s sorted out properly) It’s driving me nuts, there’s so much stuff to sort, so much stuff to move out of the way and nowhere to put it all!


I’m not doing too well with actually getting photos of the kids on their birthdays this year!

Here we are again, this time it’s M’s birthday, we even had a party and everything! But sadly, no photos from that bit. I did however get some more fire-twirling photos from when J came round after the party, so it’s not all bad!

Happy Birthday to my biggest boy, hope you had fun!


Happy Birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And your brothers do too!

Happy 5th birthday baby boy!!

It really just seems like yesterday that I had that last baby, surely he can’t be big enough to be turning 5 and a big Preppie at school! (cos that makes me old! so old!)

But wasn’t he cute back then!

He still is, it’s just harder to get him to stay still long enough to take a photo and even harder yet to get that photo without him making silly faces!

(which is why there isn’t an up to date photo included with this post!)

it was a short month

Not a good excuse for not having anything much to say, but it was a shorter month than usual! Plus busy with school going back, work, derby, all the usual stuff! All 4 kids are at school this year, which is very exciting (and a little scary if you want me to be honest! Where did my baby go?!)

In case you’re wondering about the photo on the right, M had to do a poster as part of his homework, ‘selling’ himself as an awesome news reporter… what do you reckon, does he fit the image??

Only 24hrs until the Cloth Nappy Hunt starts up again. One of these days I’m going to be prepared in advance, honest! Although I’m doing better than usual so far, most of my images are edited, and I know exactly what I need to do… Might get some sleep tomorrow night afterall!

Derby theme this time round for my site (what, no one’s surprised about that??!)

beach holiday

It’s become something of a tradition to head down to the Gold Coast each year for our family holiday. Things are a bit different this year, Mum and Dad sold the house at Bilinga and bought a unit a few blocks further north at Tugun. Keeping the kids entertained and semi-quiet (so as not to annoy all the other people in the unit block) was challenging to say the least!

I managed to get some action shots of the boys having fun on the sand dune out the front of the unit

At the end of the day, there were some very tired little monkeys!


Scary as it sounds, I’m officially the mother of a teenage girl!
Help me!

(OK, maybe over-reacting slightly)

It really doesn’t seem all that long ago that R looked like this.

Now she’s bigger than me!

Anyway, Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!