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Two weeks according to Instagram

cos I’ve been really slack and only had one photo this last week!

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My week according to Instagram…

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Time flies

Apparently it’s Friday again already…
Could’ve sworn this week was just crawling along, but somewhere in the middle of each individual moment time got away from me. Again. Maybe it’s got something to do with the million and one things that needed doing or the challenge of eating sticky toffee without gluing your mouth together (with apparently hilarious results).

Other things I’ve discovered this week in totally random order:

  • I don’t know much about cars. But I already knew that!
  • Some car salesmen are really rude. :roll:
  • It is much easier to cook dinner on skates… must remember this one for next week!
  • Some people never change. For some people this is an awesome thing. For others it continues to be shitty…
  • Murphy’s Law says that the day you ring to complain about the constant internet dropouts is the day it starts working in a vaguely stable fashion again… here’s hoping it lasts! Next time I’m ringing straight away when it starts to drop out and I don’t envy the techie that ends up getting the phonecall cos the last two pissed me off!
  • I’m far more OCD about washing and folding my clothes than I realised. *sigh*
  • When both clocks in the living area decide to have their batteries die on the same day it totally messes with your sense of time for the day. Just sayin’ is all… 😛
  • Actually, I haven’t been late quite as often as usual this week. Think that was pure luck though!
  • It’s much easier to get my mobile phone in and out of my pocket with the new cover… the old silicone one kept getting stuck in my pocket and coming off when I tried to extract the phone!
  • It is substantially warmer with the hood of my hoodie up on my head… but my legs are still cold!

And on that note, I’m going to bed to warm up properly! I know if I don’t I’ll regret it for the rest of Friday and that will be bad! 😉

Things I know…

Today is Friday. All day! Sometimes remembering what day it is can be an achievement of mammoth proportions!

Today I am officially divorced. This is still a pretty exciting concept!

I may have a slight addiction to jeans. Usually I get my fix at op shops… yesterday I may have succumbed to a new pair. In my defence, it was a “buy one get the second pair half price” deal so I really helped save money. Honest!

Life is much much easier to deal with when you have a new modem/router that doesn’t go down on you all the time. (mind out of the gutter people, this time I’m keeping it clean… 😉 )

A car stereo that works (LOUD) is crucial to a positive state of mind. Especially when doing the school run with multiple children. And even more especially when driving to Brisbane and back in peak hour traffic…

Said car stereo doesn’t read mp3 files. Luckily I found that out on a short trip and had backup CDs in the car at the time!

If I don’t clean my desk soon, I’m probably going to drown in paperwork. If you don’t hear from me on a regular basis over the next week or so, please send search parties!

New jeans are really itchy if they haven’t been washed!

It’s really annoying when you can’t remember the code for the smilies you want to add to your post! :roll:

Some days I am totally unable to complete a task without getting distracted by at least ten other tasks that either I started doing previously (before I got distracted) or suddenly discovered need doing.

If you tell a teenage girl that you bought a new pair of jeans, her first response will of course be “I need a new pair of jeans” (make mental note to hide said jeans, because they’ll probably fit her!) (make second mental note to borrow her jeans if she actually gets around to buying some!)

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. But karma usually evens the score in time.

There are thirteen fairly useless things I know in this list. But it was fun writing it!

Simple things

Thankful Thursday has rolled around again very quickly! Must have been a busy week.
And as usual, I’ve got far too many random things running around in my head, making it hard to work out exactly what I want to post about. So in the absence of the bigger issues that I’ll probably get around to mentioning eventually, here’s some of the really simple things that I’m thankful for that often get overlooked.

Laughter, love and smiles.
Random hugs.
Teasing teenagers (it goes both ways!)
Making people smile when you pass them on the street. (bright coloured hair is good for that)
Chocolate. Always thankful for chocolate!
Realising that people missed me when I wasn’t around.
The prospect of sunny days next week.
Options. There are always options even if most some of them suck.
Songs that get stuck in my head and drown out the voices… (does that sound slightly crazy?!)
Bed… snuggled up under the wool doona (probably the only good thing about winter!)


There’s a million stories out there on the internet about rollerderby.
They range from technical stuff telling you what the game is, how to play, rules etc, through to the sensationalised bigoted reports that make out that it’s violent, aggressive, stereotypically butch and altogether bad and dangerous. Yeah, whatever people!

Then there’s the more personal touch where girls just like you and me talk about their own experience with derby and how it has changed their life in so many ways. That’s the stuff I like to read. Because rollerderby is huge. It’s the fastest growing sport in the world and it has touched the lives of so many people in the process.

First and foremost, rollerderby is fun!
Who can resist putting on the skates you loved when you were growing up and getting back out there and feeling the wind in your hair and the speed, effortless speed as you go around and around… then add into that being able to hit people, block people, dodge people and you’ve got the ultimate sport!
It’s hard work. Training til you’re ready to drop, pushing yourself just that little bit harder to be that little bit better. Getting knocked down over and over again, but getting up each time and getting straight back into it, because that’s what it’s all about.

Behind the sport is the girls, the guys and the whole community.
That’s probably one of the biggest drawcards after the actual skating part!
Rollerderby seems to attract all those women who didn’t quite fit in to traditional sports.
It’s an amazing family to belong to, a worldwide sisterhood where you can find like-minded people wherever you go. Don’t get me wrong, there’s all the usual bitchiness you find in any group of women and then some, but there’s something that holds it all together despite the internal politics. A friend once commented that whoever invented derby must’ve been insane – who on earth would invent a team sport for strong-minded independent women?? But somehow, it works.
The derby community may look scary and different with lots of tattoos, piercings, bright coloured hair, out there clothes, black black, more black, etc etc, but they’re the most loving, generous and truly accepting people in the world. They accept you for who you are, there’s no pressure to be anything other than yourself. Sometimes there’s issues between individuals, but on the whole, you can walk into a derby league on the other side of the world, put on your skates and train with them, and know that they won’t question you, just accept that you’re a derby girl just like them.

For myself, rollerderby has played a huge part in the last few years of my life.
I started derby in September 2009 and just loved it.
Along with finally getting a bit of fitness back (after four kids, I needed that, lol!) it was an opportunity to get to do something for me. For two nights a week, I could forget about being mum and just get out there and be me.
It helped me to rediscover who I am.
Reminded me that I didn’t need to put up with the bullshit of people trying to make me into something I’m not.
That I didn’t need to take on someone else’s problems as my own.
Gave me the confidence to stand up and say I’m not going to put up with this shit any more.
So many of the people I met along the way have stood by me and have been there as everything has fallen apart. They’ve helped me to stand tall and proud despite all the difficulties and picked me up and kept me going every time I felt like I just wanted to give up and stay down. Even when I’ve been offskates for the last eight months, the derby community has been there behind me. I’m itching to be back out there on the track again!

There’s probably thousands of stories out there just like mine.
There’s probably any number of things other than rollerderby that have been the catalyst for other people.
But this is my story
and for me, rollerderby gave me back myself
and no matter what else happens, I’m truly thankful for that.

Tomorrow is a new day

Sometimes life doesn’t quite take us exactly where we planned to be.
Not that I really had a plan as such.
In fact, to be honest, I rarely plan anything.

When you have kids, something happens that changes you. All of a sudden you’re identified as “so-and-so’s mum” rather than just as yourself. It takes a lot of getting used to at first.
Sometimes I resented it with every fibre of my being, that loss of myself.
But you get used to it. You become that person. You have more kids, you’re redefined again. and again. and again. With any luck you still keep that core of yourself, but you evolve around it, becoming that “mum” identity.

So how do you deal with it when all that changes again?
When you’re still so-and-so’s mum. But they’re not here with you.
How do you reconcile that they’re still doing all the usual things that they do every day.
But you’re not there to see it.
They come to visit, you can pretend it’s like things never changed.
But then they go again.
And you miss them.
Miss all the silly things they do that make you laugh.
Miss all the hugs, the constant hanging off you that makes you want to scream.
Miss the annoying things that drive you nuts.
Miss them all so much.

I’m thankful for the laughter, smiles and memories from this last week of holidays with my boys.
For the rest of the family who are here every day inbetween, keep me busy and make me laugh.
For the teenager who keeps telling me it’s all going to be ok.
For my other half who is walking with me every step of this journey.
And that tomorrow is a new day. every day.

It’s Thankful Thursday again with Kate @katesaysstuff.

Stocktake… Aspie style

6.30am – alarm goes off. Hit snooze, place phone under pillow and go back to sleep

6.40am – alarm goes off again. Hit snooze again, but this time the other half wakes up too, remarking “aren’t you going to get up?” Damn, busted already! There goes that extra 10 minutes snooze!

Turn on coffee machine, shower quickly, open front door for teenage daughter returning home to babysit younger brothers while we go off to work at our annual stocktake job at the local variety store. Dress in many extra layers, it’s always freezing cold in there! Rush out door with coffee in hand and a banana each (see, breakfast!) thinking that it would be easier to eat said banana if not wearing gloves right now! 😐

Totally forget that the only place in town with longterm parking is at the train station, so have to do a graceful Uturn and go back around to the carpark! Rush in the door of the store draining the dregs of coffee and noting that the temperature inside seems at least 5 degrees colder than outside! Brrrrr! 😮

So as a team of two Aspies, with a lovely touch of OCD thrown in for good luck, we have a system all sorted out for how we manage our stocktake responsibilities. The other half has been doing the job for years (plus has neater handwriting than me) so has the writing responsibilities. I get to do the counting. Apparently that’s because I’m the one who’s good at maths. I’m not sure I totally get the reasoning there, but that’s OK! This was my second year on the job. Apparently we did such an awesome job last year that they assigned us to the same section again this year… I swear the same mugs, glasses, woks etc are still on the shelf from last time! Then again, maybe it’s new stock. That just happens to look the same! 😉

There are a few rules about how it has to be done.
If you make a mistake, you can’t change it, you have to cross it out and write it again.
You have to do each bin/section in numerical order.
The OCD kicks in to try to minimise the amount of writing, so it’s all about grouping the same things together before counting, especially when you have a stack of bowls that are two different prices mixed together. It really sucks to get to the bottom of the pile only to find there was one more of something you’ve already written on the sheet so you have to write a whole new line for that item! Or then there’s the random stuff you find that obviously isn’t meant to be where it is, but you still have to write it up anyway. Like bright pink crocs balanced carefully on top of a rack of boys trackpants… yep, exactly where you’d expect to find them! 😯

Once we finished with the wall of kitchen type stock, we got moved to the kids clothes section. Apparently it’s not as bad as the wall of mens undies… but after counting 197 boys singlets I’m not so sure about that one! :roll:

It’s a lot of fun though. There’s some weird satisfaction in a job well done and counting stuff over and over is kinda therapeutic. As is giggling at some of the totally random stock on the shelves!
So we’ll be back next year to do it all again. 🙂
Although there’s a big part of me that wishes that end of financial year was in summer not the middle of winter cos it would be much faster to count things without numb fingers in gloves!

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Moving forward

I just spent at least 5 minutes debating as to whether posting about being excited about my divorce is inappropriate…
I’ve decided that I don’t really care what everyone else thinks! I’m excited and I’m going to say so!

I’ve been looking forward to finally getting that bit of paperwork out of the way so that I can move on with the rest of my life…
So we showed up at the court building on a rainy grey Tuesday morning, I stood up in front of the registrar (bright green and yellow hair and all) for 2 minutes and walked out a free woman. Well that was easy!

Going through emails today I came across one from the Family Court confirming that indeed I did attend the court on Tuesday and informing me that:

“Your Application for Divorce has been heard and a divorce order has been made.

The divorce order will take effect one day and one month from when it was made. A copy of the order will be mailed to you, usually within two weeks of it taking effect.”

So I guess the party will be happening in a month or so!

On a serious note though, I’m thankful for new beginnings, closing the book on this particular chapter of my life and looking forward to all the tomorrows in the world.


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