my reflection

It’s kinda obligatory to have some kind of page that explains all about me and who I am and all that stuff, right?
I really suck at that sort of thing, which is why I’m only just getting around to it.
It’s going to be a work in progress I think, I’ll add stuff when it seems relevant.

Well, I’m older than I like to admit, even though I still like to think I’m not!
I’m a little bit quirky.
OK, a lot quirky.
It’s been a long time since I did much writing, I used to love it at school.
I also used to be good at maths and science and stuff, but I’ve forgotten most of that.
(although lucky for the teenager, I’m pretty good at remembering again
once I see the examples she’s stuck on for her maths homework!)
I love music in all forms (excluding rap, that shit is not music!) and most of my tattoos reflect that.
I have always had a problem with blending in with the crowd.
I always felt different, so figured the rest of the world would just have to deal with that.
Sadly the rest of the world really vary with how they deal with it.
Their problem though, not mine.

My family is a little different too.
I have four children
and four stepchildren.
Yep, it’s a busy house when they’re all at home.
I’ll introduce you to them all later.

This is the other me.
The Princess is a lot like me, but more out there.
I’m a little shy sometimes, but she’s not.
She doesn’t have to worry about all the day-to-day stuff,
just getting out there and skating.
Lucky bitch!


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